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  4. Sketching with paint and markers today in #malibu

  5. The top illustration of the lair tunnel was A LOT of fun to paint. Seriously! Who could not have fun painting this.  My job was easy since I had an amazing layout by Justin Thompson.  This tunnel represents the original tunnel that leads into Flints lab. But this environment is all made of rock candy.  Lots of reflections, bounce light, and sparkles. :)

    The bottom left is a visual development illustration of the tunnel/big rock candy mtn. exterior.  Although it was never used in the film, it sure help us understand what the interior would look like.

    Lastly, the bottom right is an early color-script panel of when Flint finally meets up with his old friend in the lair. 

    Thanks for kind words, new follows and awesomeness! Enjoy


  7. A few early color script moments for #cloudy2. Color scripting is not about beautiful illustrations.  It’s about defining the color & tone that supports the story and film as a whole. Keep them simple. Use a big brush. Make broad confident strokes. And don’t get bogged down with the details. Details change.

    I’ll post some more of these soon.  Thanks!

  8. christurnham:

    Exciting news! Next month I’ll be having my first solo show of my LA architectural prints at Hemingway and Pickett in Silverlake. It opens November 7th and will run throughout the month. The show will include a few pieces I’ve already shown on my blog and a bunch of new pieces, including limited edition screenprints and digital prints.

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  9. The top image is a concept illustration of the city, San Franjose for #cloudy2.  This was one of the first paintings I created once we were officially green-lit. Below is the SFJ building layout.  These were modeled by the amazing 3d vis dev artist, John Butiu, and painted by Seonna Hong & Jerry Loveland.  The two of them did an incredible job and I cannot thank them enough. As you can see, we really tried to push the colors and watercolor textures throughout the city.  That being said, I encourage everyone to invest the time in creating various textures and brushes through traditional watercolor, gouache, and ink media etc…  Photoshop does a darn good job simulating traditional media effects.  But its not the real thing.  

    Thank you for all the wonderful feedback.  Enjoy! 

    more coming…

  10. Early concept painting of Flint’s apartment for #cloudy2. Layout by Justin Thompson.